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Off campus access to online resources

Single sign on

The majority of the online services you have access to via the Library use your university username and password to access. Please just enter your university login credentials when prompted – this should work both on and off campus, but let us know if you are having any problems by emailing

Extra information about off campus access

Single Sign On should mean that, if you login to the intranet (, you will automatically be logged in to all our e-resources as well.

However, sometimes it’s just not that simple. If you are having problems, here are a few things to try:

1) Can you see the university name or logo on the screen? If yes, you are logged in so it seems likely we don’t subscribe to the resource you’re trying to access – please let us know so we can help. If no, try step 2…

2) Look for a way to sign in, and choose the ‘OpenAthens’ option. You should then see a screen a bit like the one below. Don’t try and sign in with an OpenAthens account, but choose the section where you can select your organisation:

Simply search for ‘Norwich University of the Arts’ and you will be logged in and directed back to the resource you were trying to access.

3) Having trouble finding the ‘OpenAthens Login’ option? It could look a little different depending on the resource you are trying to use. Some sites call it ‘Institutional Access’ or ‘UK Higher Education Federation Access’. Here are some examples:

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