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Getting started in the library

Academic libraries, like ours, can feel intimidating at first. But, beyond the books, there is also a huge range of support to help you with your research, your referencing, and becoming an independent learner.

Library team

The most important (and we think valuable!) branch of library support is the team. Any member of the library team can help you understand the catalogue and find items on the shelf. Just ask at the front desk, we are staffed throughout our opening hours.

Every course also has their own librarian, who can offer you one to one and face to face workshop support on referencing, research skills, and information literacy. You can find your librarian on your course guide.

Online support

Along with our in person support, you can also find videos, infographics, Miro boards, and more to help you get the most out of the library on our VLE page.

You will all be enrolled on the library VLE page so you can find it any time in your dashboard. ‘Star’ the library to keep it at the top.


Most importantly, we have our online workshops. These will have been included in your timetable and it is essential you complete them to ensure you have all the library skills you need. But if you’ve missed them in your timetable or just want to get ahead of the game, you can work through them at any time.

Below is a taster of the other online support available to you.

Getting started

Not sure where to find your books? Explore our library layout below…

If you cannot see the layout, click ‘See the board’. Right click and hold on the board to move around. Use the zoom in the bottom right hand corner to move in and out.

Understanding library terms

When you’re using the library, you might see terms you are not familiar with being used. We have put together a glossary to help you understand library & some academic terms you may encounter.

Using the library collection

The library catalogue, known as Discovery, contains nearly everything we hold in the library. The search isn’t dissimilar to that of Google but it gives you the ability to focus and limit your search.

When you have found the book you would like to read, you will need to find it on shelf. All of our books are ordered by the Dewey Decimal system.

Referencing support

As well as our comprehensive referencing webpages we also offer video tutorials.

These cover both basic and advanced referencing, and all no more than 90 seconds.

We can even help you get your head around paraphrasing in less than 60 seconds

Alongside this, you can find support in our referencing section for everything from where to find referencing information, to captioning images, to how to put together a bibliography, plus there are interactive examples so you can test out your understanding.

Plus we have a whole section of resources on how to improve your research skills, including keyword generation and recognising reliable sources.

Beyond the physical library

Alongside our physical books, librarian support, and asynchronous resources, we also have a wealth of online resources such as O’Reilly, Box of Broadcasts, and BFI Player. Our resources aren’t just text base – we have video, images, and maps. all of which are accessible on and off campus for all students. You can either browse the whole collection or filter by subject to see the essential resources for your course.

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