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  • Marking Pride month, Birds’ Eye View presents Queerious : Marking Pride month, Birds’ Eye View presents Queerious – inviting you to get curious and explore a multitude of desires on screen in ways all too rarely seen in cinema. Through stories of sexual awakenings and re-awakenings, and queer love through a feminist lens, this curated season from Birds’ Eye View aims to help us to question, learn and enjoy our sexual selves. 
  • BFI Flare LGBTQIA+ (opens in a new window) : Here are the pioneers, the iconoclasts, the brave – from landmark LGBTQIA+ portraits to the next generation of queer classics from the BFI Flare festival.
  • Colors of Tobi (opens in a new window): A mesmerising portrait of a family grappling with teenage gender dysphoria, this uplifting documentary exudes the defiant message that love is all you need.
  • Pop, Pride and Prejudice (opens in a new window): Documentary which tells the story of the vital role played by popular music in a social, sexual and cultural revolution. While politicians and protestors focused on social change and legal reform, another struggle was going on: the battle for hearts and minds. This was about more than sex. It was about identity, culture and lifestyle. And the fight to win mainstream status for queer culture was waged, and won, by a group of pioneers, such as Dusty Springfield, David Bowie and George Michael, who used popular music as the stage for a revolution.
  • Prejudice and Pride: The People’s History of LGBTQ Britain (opens in a new window): Ordinary people share the objects that have helped define their lives since homosexuality was decriminalised, including a rare collection of the first openly gay magazine.

Local links, events and archives

A group of performers in bright clothes holding protest signs during a gay pride event.

Norwich Pride traditionally celebrate in July – there is a mass of events planned for the 15th annual celebration on the 29th July. Find out how to get involved here

The Norfolk LGBT+ Project

“Established in 2007, Norfolk LGBT+ Project is the county’s only dedicated LGBT+ health and wellbeing service provider, providing early intervention and prevention support, services, and information to all age groups so we can help empower individuals to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and to reduce social isolation of LGBT+ individuals living in Norfolk and Waveney.”

Norfolk LGBTQ+ Collection.

Norfolk Heritage Centre, on the second floor of the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library, holds the largest collection of published material relating to Norfolk’s history – this includes the Norfolk LGBTQ+ Collection. If you are interested in the LGBTQ+ collection, would like to learn more, or have items to donate to them, please contact

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