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Using Discovery

Use Discovery to search for books and e-books, as well as magazine and journal articles that the library has access to.

  • The Discovery search box is on the homepage of the Library website, and you can open it at any time by clicking in the search box at the right of every library webpage.
  • Type your search terms or keywords into the search box and click Search. If you like, you can restrict your results to just books, or just articles, by using the radio buttons.
  • A set of results pages will appear that shows Books, E-Books, Articles, Journals, DVDs etc that are related to your keywords.
  • Make your results more specific by using the left-hand filters.

How do I use Discovery to find books in the library?

Physical books from Norwich University of the Arts library will have the word ‘Book’ under the image.

Check if the item is ‘available’ or ‘on loan’. For ‘available’ items make a note of the ‘class number’. This is the number of the book on the shelves in the library. If you need help finding it, just ask at the helpdesk.

For ‘on loan’ items click the blue ‘reservation options’ button to reserve the item. When it is next returned we will reserve it for you and email you to ask you to collect it.

How do I save results in Discovery?

On the top toolbar, over on the right of the Discovery screen, you’ll find ‘My Folder’.

The first time you open the folder you will need to sign in with your university login and agree to the data usage policy. Download the guide below for step-by-step instructions of how to set up your folder.

Guide to setting up your folder

Don’t forget to check you are signed in properly every time you use Discovery, otherwise items you save will not stay in your folder.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to enter your keywords into individual search boxes, one concept per row, so you can build up a more precise set of search terms.

Use the drop-down menu to the left of the search boxes to link your keywords by choosing AND, OR and NOT.

AND will narrow your search, e.g: “graphic design” AND signage
OR will broaden your search, e.g: “smart textiles” OR “smart fabrics” OR “e-textiles”
NOT will exclude terms, e.g: “black panthers” NOT cats

Use the ‘Select a Field’ drop-down menu to the right of a search box to choose which field to search in to help narrow your results, such as

  • Author
  • Title
  • Journal title

or don’t select anything from here to search all fields.

Publications and online journals

Use the ‘Publication’ search at the top of the Discovery page to search or browse publications that Norwich subscribes to.

This will show you which years the library has access to for each journal title, and give you a search box to search for articles within that journal.

Alternatively you can search for titles and articles using the main Discovery search box (at the top of every page on this website).

To narrow your search to journal articles, filter results using the radio buttons on the left of the search page, e.g. “Academic Journals”.

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