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Researching for your studies

At Norwich University of the Arts Library, we are here to help you to become independent and innovative researchers, whether you are an Undergraduate student, working towards your Masters, or writing your PhD.

Research will enable to you to develop new ideas and understandings. Through analysis of the work and creations of others, alongside discussion and debate amongst your peers, you will build your understanding of the wider artistic community, and this will help to develop and shape your own practice.

Researching in the library

To find more items search Discovery, the library catalogue. Useful keywords might be: Research AND (your subject), or “research methodology”, research AND artist, “qualitative research”, “quantitative research”.

If you need a reminder on how to use the Library catalogue check out the bitesize tutorials below, or contact us at for one to one support with a Librarian.

Researching beyond books

Alongside books, as an independent learner, you are encouraged to explore other sources.

You may wish to start with the Library’s print and online journal collection (opens in a new window), which showcases subject specific publications that cover contemporary and up to date activity, plus feature new and young designers and artists.

Our online resource databases contain text base resources alongside televisual, sound, and image banks. All of which can contribute to the depth of your research.

You may also want to explore sources outside of the library. Our alternative information sources (opens in a new window) page highlights podcasts, TED talks, and YouTube channels that may form a good springboard.

Research community

VC talks

The University has launched a series of VC talks, envisioned to curate a culture of critical creativity and inspire robust debate within the University community. Information about upcoming talks and past talks are available on the VC talks (opens in a new window) page.

Current research within the University

More information about research at Norwich University of the Arts can be found on our research pages(opens in a new window). This includes information about past and upcoming research events (opens in a new window) and research active staff (opens in a new window) across the University.

Using AI in your research

AI is becoming more prominent in research as well as the wider world. With this in mind, the University has put together guidance on how and when you can use AI to assist with your written research and your studio work.

Student Support have put together a list of tools you may find helpful when reading, writing, and managing your notes.

Information on how to reference AI generated content can be found on the library website.

If you have any questions about the use of AI in your work, written or creative, please speak with your academic tutor or your supervisor.

Displaying your research

At Norwich University of the Arts we have the motto “we work everywhere”, and this includes the Library. If you have some research that you would like to display in the Library please email us at You can display your work in the Special Collection vitrines or in the Library space itself, just pop in and ask us and we’ll help you find a suitable spot.


If you have any questions or just want a hand getting your research focused contact your librarian:

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