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Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Norwich University of the Arts Library welcomes donations of books, journals and electronic media.
However due to space restrictions as well as the costs involved in processing donations the Library has to be selective in what it is able to accept.

The Library will consider donations if they satisfy the following conditions:

  • The donation is relevant to the current and projected future interests of the academic community.
  • That it does not duplicate existing material.
  • That the material is in good condition.
  • That the donor understands that if an entire collection is donated then parts that are not relevant or are duplicates would be disposed of, usually to our students.
  • The Library reserves the right to dispose of material in the future.
  • If donors wish to impose conditions on any donation then these would need to be discussed prior to any deposit of books or journals.

If you would like to donate resources to the Library, please contact us to discuss your donation.

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