Opening hours

Opening hours can occasionally change, please check the homepage for updates.
Please note the Library is closed on bank holidays.

Opening hours

Term-time hours
Monday to Thursday – 9am to 9pm
Fridays – 9am to 5pm
Saturdays – 10am to 4pm

Vacation opening hours
Monday to Friday – 9am – 5pm

Full Library Calendar 2023/2024

Welcome week
Monday 25th September –
Friday 29th September 2023
Vacation hours
Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
NB Library closed Saturday 1st October 2022.
Autumn term
Monday 2nd October –
Friday 15th December 2023
Term time hours
NB Library open Saturday 16th December.
Christmas vacation
Monday 18th December
2023 – Friday 5th January 2024
Vacation hours
Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Library closed 25th December – 2nd January.
Library closed Saturday 6th January.
Spring term
Monday 8th January –
Friday 22nd March 2024
Term time hours
NB Library open Saturday 23rd March 2024.
Easter vacation
Monday 25th March – Friday
12th April 2024
Vacation hours
Library closed Saturday 30th March, 6th and 13th April.
Library closed Friday 29th March – Monday 1st April.
Summer term
Monday 15th April –
Friday 7th June 2024
Term time hours
NB Library closed on bank holidays (6th May and 27th May).
NB Library open Saturday 8th June.
Summer vacation 
Starts Monday 10th
June 2023
Vacation hours

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