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Inclusivity: Working Class Students’ resources

Norwich University of the Arts Library aims to be as inclusive as possible in its service and collections. In terms of intersectionality, social class is an area that is often relegated in importance but studies show that students from working class backgrounds from every ethnicity face more challenges entering and staying within Higher Education.

Working Class inclusivity within the library

We have created a set of resources that include:

We also aim to provide a friendly environment and safe space for all students. 

In order to allow all students to use the library to the fullest, we do not charge fines. And, as we want to have a collection that reflects our students’ interests and backgrounds, we are keen to take resource requests and suggestions.

The intention is that these combined resources develop in a collaborative way with our library community: your ideas are important and your engagement is key.


We have compiled a range of resources based on working class experiences – we have separated them into things to read, things to watch, and things to listen to. If you have any suggestions of other resources we could add contact us.

Things to read

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Things to watch

Things to listen to

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