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Spotlight on… Bloomsbury Fashion Central

Bloomsbury Fashion Central is a hub of peer reviewed interdisciplinary resources on fashion and dress. Here you will find articles, images, exhibitions, case studies, and practical resources to prepare you to enter the fashion industry.

We subscribe to Berg Fashion Library, Fairchild eBooks, and Fashion Business Cases. More information about what material is available to you can be found below.

Bloomsbury Fashion Central is most useful for Fashion and Textiles students but could provide useful imagery or information whichever course your are studying.

Berg Fashion Library

An interdisciplinary resource housing over 2,000 images and more than 800 articles on fashion and global bodily culture across history. Alongside this there are 17,000 images and exhibitions from museums such as Mode Museum, the Commercial Pattern Archive, and Victoria and Albert. Plus, over 150 eBooks exploring classical and modern fashion.

Click below to explore some of the museum collections, ebooks, and encyclopaedias.

Fairchild eBooks

Fairchild eBooks give a practical insight into the fashion industry. Covering a wide range of topics such as construction, draping, fashion business management, illustration, journalism, marketing, and pattern making to help you thrive in the fashion business.

Click below to explore a selection of the ebooks.

Fashion Business Cases

This resource links your education to the fashion business. Designed to help you develop the skills to enter the industry, presenting cases on challenges facing the business of fashion, tackling important issues such as sustainability, technology, ethics, and leadership. The collection is divided into sections for foundation and first year students, second and third year, and postgraduates. 

Click below to explore a selection of the case studies and resources.

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